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Last Chance Saloon...
September 23, 2006

You're about to miss out on an extremely rare opportunity!

Over the past few days I have told you about Joel Christopher's BIG *Birthday Blowout 2* Bonus Bonanza!

He's practically giving away his *MasterListBuilder* System for virtually pennies on the dollar at

It's his foolproof, connect-the-Dots, step-by-step, world-famous & highly-effective list building system GUARANTEED to generate more leads, more traffic, more customers and more sales for you.

PLUS, he's giving away a BONANZA of BONUSES from his own arsenal of profit-pulling products as well as from his generous Internet Marketing friends.

But if you wait even one second more, you could miss out completely...

There were 350 of these boxes available but, as of right now, there are only 12 left at

Go grab yours NOW before it's all GONE!

Best of Birthday Blowout Blessings, Jim Green

P.S. Remember, in addition to the price increase, there are only 12 copies don't miss out!

Go grab a box NOW at:

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