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Are Completely Hooked On Becoming a Bestselling Author?
October 11, 2006

Are completely hooked on becoming a bestselling author with books flying off the shelves of major outlets world wide?

If youíre hooked, read onÖ

Itís sad fact but undeniably true; most writers spend a lifetime trying to get into traditionally published hard copy print but all they end up with is mounting frustration and a pile of rejection slips a mile high.

Itís doubly sad because it neednít be so; there is a way, a tried and tested way to turn consistent failure on its head and convert it into sustained success; a way in the shape of a series of simple, proven, time-tested strategies that successful writers down the ages have always used to inject their work with the quantifiable bestselling potential that ensures publication in traditional hard copy print.

Writers who harness the power of the Ultimate Creative Writing Course transcend the boundaries of failure; have every book proposal accepted for publication, and rocket their produce to bestseller status.

To your success...

Jim Green

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