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Quantifiable Proven Success
October 13, 2006

The Ultimate Creative Writing Course Evolved Out of Quantifiable Proven Success…

All 25 titles to date, fiction and niche non-fiction, penned under my own name Jim Green were rapidly accepted for traditional hard copy publication and have achieved bestselling status in their respective genres.

My original niche non-fiction entry Starting Your Own Business (How To Books ISBN 1845280709) was first published back in 1995; it has achieved multiple editions, and still features from time to time in the Top 10 of its genre on Amazon.

Its enduring popularity has been responsible for the successful publication of 15 additional niche non-fiction titles.

As to fiction, I have 9 titles in traditional hard copy print… and all of them accepted for publication in just 3 seminal years.

Some writers take one route, some the other; I take both - but only after I learned to master the first: non-fiction.

Why should this be so?

When you master the principles of creating niche non-fiction, you will discover to your delight that writing fiction becomes that much easier.

To your success...

Jim Green

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