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The Ultimate Creative Writing Course Provides Solutions
October 17, 2006

The Ultimate Creative Writing Course provides little known solutions for crafting bestselling fiction.

Like any idea you conceive in life, fiction starts and ends in the mind; first in the conscious, then the subconscious, and finally digging deeper into the labyrinth of ageless wisdom; the subconscious, the ever-lasting fountain of imagination and inspiration.

X Learn how to write fiction that demands to be read
X Functioning in scenarios where you feel completely at ease
X How to cultivate an unerring ear for dialog
X Shaping your fictional characters before developing the storyline
X What you can learn from Alfred Hitchcock and his McGuffin
X How to blend your characters into taking over the plot
X How an idea for a book turned into a radio play broadcast
X How a book idea was born by shaking hands with Betty Grable
X Arriving at solutions by thinking backwards

The final bullet point represents a neat little trick I have employed all my life in resolving problems, in realizing goals, and eventually as a tool for crafting fiction. I call it reverse plotting but it is in effect the act of thinking backwards to arrive at solutions.

It is the cornerstone in all my works of fiction.

In the Ultimate Creative Writing Course I illustrate the amazing power of reverse plotting by showing you how I used it to create the basic storyline for Beginners Please: Murder, my first murder mystery.

To your success...

Jim Green

Discover For Yourself The Incredible Power Of The Ultimate Creative Writing Course

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