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What the Ultimate Creative Writing Course Comprises
October 19, 2006

You will be studying 27 inspiring instruction modules in your own time, at your own pace; modules comprising the timeless, tried and tested strategies that writers down the ages have always used to create works of literature that achieve acceptance for publication in traditional hard copy format and command bestseller status.

You will also undertake a series of exclusive and enjoyable exercises designed to galvanize your uptake of the wisdom contained in this dynamic creative writing course.

But more than that…

“I will personally mentor you on your journey to becoming a bestselling author whose books fly off the shelves of major outlets world wide”

You will be provided with instructions on how and where to send me your completed exercises so that I can get back to you promptly with my assessment of your burgeoning knowledge together with guidance notes for expediting your journey towards publication and bestselling potential.

Thereafter I will contact you from time to time to check on progress.

To your success...

Jim Green

Discover For Yourself The Incredible Power Of The Ultimate Creative Writing Course

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