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Don’t Bin Your Research; You Never Know When It Might Come In Handy Again
October 31, 2006

It happened to me just recently…

I was reviewing a mountain of files containing research material gathered over the years; years when I was churning out one book after another, articles galore for offline and online magazines, fulfilling my obligations on syndicated newspaper columns.

I thought about binning a huge chunk of it – but then I thought again - there’s enough stuff here to fill a directory.

And so I set about creating one, splitting it into a myriad of sections, and sub-sections with stuff like…

 Articles
 Fiction
 Non-Fiction
 Poetry
 Theatre
 Film
 Television
 Contests

ARTICLES - I’d written myself and had published; articles I’d collected from other writers of note.

FICTION – Reams and reams of useful data that had contributed to my published novels and novellas.

NON-FICTION – Even more relating to the string of titles published under my own name since 1995.

POETRY – A genre I haven’t tackled so far but still have a yen to master.

THEATRE – My ongoing passion whether writing about it or not.

FILM – An even deeper passion that finally produced a book that has been accepted for publication in 2007.

TELEVISION – Masses and masses of material that resulted in an ill-fated televised sitcom pilot that bombed out of sight.

CONTESTS – Although I’ve never personally entered a writing contest I have amassed a pile of data a mile high.

And so I thought again…

I converted my bulging directory into my very first membership website.

Whether my accumulated bric-a-brac will be of interest to every aspiring author, playwright, poet, screenwriter, etc, I have no idea – but that doesn’t matter because I won’t be charging for access.

To your success... Jim Green

Learn more about how I’ve adapted my research into a membership website…

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