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The Wrting Course That Spawns Bestsellers
January 28, 2007

The majority of writing courses are flavor of ther month; they come in with a bang and go out with a fizzle.

There is an exception though. The Ultimate Creative Writing Course just keeps on spawning bestselling titles; titles like "Starting Your Own Business" first published in 1995 and acknowledged world wide as the bestselling guide to starting, managing, buying and selling businesses.

11 years in circulation, 250,000 copies sold - and still going strong. Required reading at universities, colleges, and commercial training institutions world wide.

It's just one of an ever-growing series of bestsellers that sell in big numbers online and in bookstores everywhere. Bestsellers like...


Starting Your Own Business (4 editions)
Selling to the Public Sector
Starting an Internet Business at Home
Your Retirement Masterplan (2 editions)
Earn Money in Retirement
How to Grow Your Small Business Rapidly Online
Maximising Mindpower to Enrich Your Retirement
101 Projects to Spice up Your Retirement
101 Options for Holidaying in Retirement
Earning Money Online in Retirement
Your Perfect Retirement A-Z
Minding Your Own Business
Writing How-To Bestsellers for Incremental Income
Secrets to Churning Out Bestsellers
Managing to Succeed in the Certain Way
The Perfect Start
The Ultimate eStrategy for Small Business Growth


Miss Tayke Investigates
They’ve Got Jesus Playing at Centre Forward
Get Fell In
Saturday Singles
Grandpa’s Story
The Blackpool Tower Caper
Beginners Please: Murder
Quiet Please: Murder
Dearly Beloved: Murder

There is a single secret in the Ultimate Creative Writing Course (you won't find it anywhere else) that could be worth 1000 times the purchase price.

Can you guess what it is?

To your creative writing success,

Jim Green

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