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Is this scenario familiar?
April 05, 2007

Things are not performing as planned and you naturally turn your attention back to the sales page, looking for ways to improve it.

* You change the header
* You adjust the headline
* You alter the color scheme
* You add another six p.s.'s

Nothing seems to be making a difference in terms of conversions.

You read and re-read the sales copy repeatedly.

You make edit after edit, hoping to stumble upon the fix for this disappointing situation.

Adjusting and tweaking your sales page is a great idea.

Making smart modifications and carefully testing them might turn what appears to be a loser into an impressive moneymaker.

However, there are times when the problem isn't the sales page. All of the tweaking and adjusting of copy won't fix a thing when that's the case.

The trick, of course, is knowing when your copy is at fault and when something else is afoot. How can you tell when the problem is the sales page and when it lies elsewhere?

3 Killer 'Off Page' Website Conversion Strategies by Jo Han Mok

First, look at your traffic.

Who is coming to your page and are they 'the right people.'

You need to be sure you are sending targeted visitors to the page and not just those who might be vaguely interested in your product.

If you are running a pay-per-click campaign, that is going to require returning to your keyword research and digging deep for answers.

If you are primarily marketing via your list, you'll need to carefully consider whether list members' opt-ins really pre-qualified them for this particular offer. Often, tapping into different traffic stream can make all of the difference in the world.

Second, look at the competition.

Is there someone out there who is doing a better job selling the same product or a similar product?

Might your problem be a matter of needing to be more competitive in terms of price, bonuses or some other factor?

If you are up against an army of tough competitors, you may have to find a way to make your page even stronger or some other means by which to regain an edge.

Third, consider the product.

Revisit your market research, look at other similar products and decide whether or not you are really bringing anything new to the marketplace.

If you are, make sure you are clearly illustrating what sets your offer apart from the others.

Top marketers will tell you that a good salesperson can successfully move any product, but the reality is that sales are more plentiful when you have targeted a real need among consumers.

Take a good look at some of the factors beyond your sales page.

They may inform you about why things are not going as well as expected. In some cases, you may learn your project's shortcomings have nothing to do with your sales page at all.

In other cases, you may be able to use an off-page investigation to find ways to adjust your offer and tactics for more success.

It's the simple things like these that can have the biggest impact on your conversion rate. Get started today and you'll be surprised how quickly your profits begin to grow.

Jo Han Mok is the author of the #1 international business bestseller, The E-Code. Unlock the code for unlimited online profits for yourself by visiting his website today at:

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