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Watercolour painting helps improve my creative writing output
May 09, 2007

When you live in the right hand side of the brain for most of the time as I do, you are forever seeking out alternative ways to express creativity.

And so when I’m not writing, I produce watercolor sketches by the score for pure pleasure.

I do it because…

Watercolor painting is therapeutic
Watercolor painting is relaxing
Watercolor painting is fulfilling
Watercolor painting is inexpensive

And on a personal note…

Watercolour painting stretches my imagination
Watercolour painting helps improve my creative writing output

But as with website construction there is a fascinating backstage aspect to watercolor painting.

In the former it is the HTML code you install to feed the spiders. Leave the table bare and they will go away; leave a tasty snack and they will stay a while; tempt them with a gourmet meal and they will linger longer - and in due course reward you with top rankings in the search engine lists.

With watercolour painting the backstage aspect revolves around the care and attention you expend BEFORE you paint the picture; choice of subject matter, perspective prowess, color mixing, tonal values, inter alia.

Spend more time THINKING about execution than you afford to the actual painting and people will express genuine interest in your work. If you don’t, they won’t…

I have just set up a new website where I pass on my watercolor wisdom such as it is to beginners and where I feature an online gallery of my paintings; landscapes, abstracts, and single-color pictures.

You can view what I do and how I do it by clicking on this link.

You might even want to try out my kit for yourself…

Take care...

Jim Green

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