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How to get high quality one-way links
June 12, 2007

As you probably know already Google is constantly changing the way they rank websites. These days, it is absolutely critical to get high quality one-way links to your website.

Reciprocal linking just isn't anywhere near as effective as it once was. The problem that I, and most people are running into is it's HARD to figure out how to get one-way links... let alone high quality ones!

One of the absolute best, and even better... "easiest" ways to get these quality, one way links is by submitting your articles to article directories. By doing so, you can not only get one- way links, pretty much instantly, but you can control the anchor text used in your link. AND even better, you can get "in text" links within the body of your article. These are the best types of links you can get!

Basically, this means that you can completely control which keywords you want to rank highly for! Up until now, there was still a problem, and that was...

1. Finding the article directories you can submit your article to AND

2. Once you find those directories it takes quite a bit of time to actually fill in all of your article submission details like first name, last name, keywords, short author bio, and many other required fields...

But, guess what? The newly updated software kit created by Brad Callen and the Bryxen Software team "Article Submitter V1.5" allows you to quickly submit your website to hundreds of article directories with a few mouse clicks! No kidding...

I've been using it and it's saved me literally hours of time in both submitting AND in finding these directories.

Here's the link to check out the software:

But, please keep this to yourself, as I'd like to keep this our secret weapon :-)


Jim Green

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