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What If There Was a Way...
August 30, 2007

What if there was a way to sell multiple products from multiple pages on a Single $49 ClickBank Fee?

ClickBank offers a magnificent service and I’ve always used it as my prime payment processor.

It’s fast, efficient, and above all, universally accepted.

However, if you promote a multitude of digital products it has one much-heralded drawback.


1. You are required to fork out another $49 every time you introduce a new creation on a disparate location or…

2. You are required to host all of your merchandise on one website.

Not any more; at least certainly not for me and those who use my system.

You see, I have discovered a safe and legitimate method of selling all of my ever-growing produce using ClickBank on a single fee of $49.

And it’s as easy as pie to implement!

1. It does not require expertise in HTML.

2. It does not involve installing a tricky code.

3. It does not deal in troublesome ‘trapdoors’ to make it work.

Find Out How to Crack the ClickBank Code for Yourself!

To your online success...

Jim Green

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