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Movie Maker Magic is a Winner!
February 07, 2008

Some time ago I used its exclusive strategies to breathe fresh life into 4 of my own products and convert them into winners.

And now the staggering amount of yesterday’s pre-launch subscriber downloads has convinced me that MOVIE MAKER MAGIC is also a winner…

If you missed the previous announcements, click on the link to discover why so many subscribers rushed to get their hands on this innovative new system which can be used for a variety of purposes:

1. Promote Your Business

2. Market Online Produce

3. Highlight Your Special Skills

4. Broadcast Lifetime Achievements

5. Create Video Tributes

6. Family Gatherings and Events

7. Holiday Memories

8. Christmas Party

I will be marketing this product with a price tag of $97 - BUT as a valued subscriber you have 6 days at which to purchase it at this TEMPORARY web page for ONLY $29.95 - SAVING YOU $67!


To your success in 2008

Jim Green

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