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Does Video Help Sell Stuff Online?
February 02, 2008

I have been marketing online for ten years or more; promoting my published works, my creative writing courses, my self-generated produce in a variety of niche markets.

In the process I have used every conceivable vehicle save one: VIDEO- until recently that is…

When I decided to put video to the test I chose 3 dormant products; products that spawned substantial returns years ago but no longer do, products whose websites are still floating around in cyberspace.

So what did I do, how did I do it, and what was the outcome?

1) As I have no video footage available for any of these products, I used still images; images that react at my command; images that move, fade, ease in and out, zoom, pan, dissolve, ripple, pixilate, rotate, spin, etc; images that tell a story, my story, my way.

2) Having processed and published my videos I uploaded them to YouTube, embedded the respective HTML codes into a series of web pages, and let the YouTube media players do the marketing for me.

3) Surprisingly each of the Spartan pages have achieved high rankings on Google and Yahoo! - and even more surprisingly - sales have started to trickle in for products that had been fallow for years.

What did I learn from my little experiment?

A number of interesting facts; facts that stack up with something I read recently, “Forrester Research estimates that digitally delivered information products will become a 7.8 billion dollar market in 2007."

Facts like…

1. Quick video tutorials solving proven problems can become instant best sellers.

2. Videos cut straight to the mustard leaving the reader with exactly what they want and then they close…

3. Submitting videos to Youtube, Google, Yahoo, Veoh, Stage6, etc, attracts free targeted visitors.

4. Setting up an online commerce store you sell them all from one location.

5. Uploading videos to your website can make money when coupled with Adsense.

6. Tailoring videos to affiliate programs can prove highly profitable.

Now if a technophobe like me can take 3 sleepers and re-invigorate them with video - anyone can - and so I set about developing an ABC system whereby everyone can now do what I do - and have some fun in the process.

Tomorrow I will be directing you to a little video that explains it all in bite size detail.

Look out for my email…

To your success in 2008

Jim Green

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