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My unbiased review of Work At Home Gold Rush…
March 06, 2008

Please go through my review very carefully.

I think by doing so, you will see a "system" that is incredibly powerful due to a few simple factors all working together.

The end result is an explosive way to turn a FREE report into a non-stop personal fortune for yourself, RIGHT NOW.

You see, one of the reasons why I recommend Work At Home Gold Rush so highly, is because it's 'powered' by 3 powerful wealthbuilding concepts.

1. Simplicity Equates To Power 2. Free Breeds Speed 3. Wealth Is A Numbers Game


Simplicity is powerful isn't it?

And even more so on the Internet.

The easier your business model is, the more money you will make.

It's just that simple. Complicate things for people and you doom the idea before it gets off the ground. Make it easy and it will explode like a wildfire on a windy day.

This "system" is so simple that only 2 short, easy actions need to be taken to put it into action. That's all, 2 simple steps and you and everyone who joins you is on a roll immediately.

That's the first thing that gives the "system" its power.


What's the fastest way possible to spread the word about something on the Internet?

Answer: Make it Free and give people a powerful reason to spread the word about it. That's all there is to it. Make your free offer attractive and people are going to download it just to at least check it out.


The numbers game says that if you get enough people to look at something that deals with a common human interest, a certain number are going to take you up on it.

When you put up a video squeeze page giving away this free report, a certain number of people ARE going to request it. Out of those, a certain number of people ARE going to join you. That's all there is to it. You'll soon see why these 3 concepts are very important.

This simple numbers game in our "system" goes far beyond your own personal effort however. You will multiply your small effort into the efforts of thousands of people. All by using a simple, fast system that leaves nothing to chance and creates profits on auto-pilot.

In other words, you can get rich from BAD numbers! And all the experts agree that this ONE factor is a big key to success!


After many years and making millions of dollars on the net I've identified the key features that will make something go incredibly fast and insanely profitable. Here's a list of them...

1. The initial offer must be free

2. The entire concept must be simple - so simple that new people on the net can do it

3. The system must be complete - plug it in and let it run

4. Must require no maintenance - plug it in and nothing else is required to make it work

5. The product the system sells must be one that people want desperately

If you can put those simple concepts into one program or "system", you've got a money maker on your hands.

These are the 'magical' ingredients of Wealth on the Internet.

But all that being said and done…

There's really nothing 'magical' about the "system". But what makes it so powerful is the ease with which it works. The newest of the new people on the net can get going with this without knowing anything about html, cgi or anything else.

It's SIMPLE - and that gives it its power to make you and I both a LOT of money, and do it very quickly.

Please don't pass over what I've told you so far without much thought. It took me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to finally pinpoint these simple ideas. Sometimes the most simple things that stare us in the face are the hardest to find. The single most important thing I've learned over the years is that simple makes money. Pre made, ready to go, plugin and profit, all these things make the most money. People want it all done for them, and that is what gives this simple "system" the power to make you as much money as you want.

The whole idea is this: Get the system, get it working for you, and watch the cash roll in, fast and furious!

Are you ready?

To your success in 2008

Jim Green

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