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The Social Marketing Nutshell
April 01, 2008

Everything you need for success in social marketing is summed up in a nutshell; a PDF nutshell containing crisp, bite-size pages that eliminate the fluff and fandango and focus on the essential strategies in progressive order.

Devising a route that meets your specific needs
Why you must never treat social marketing as sales tool
How to make social media work for you spectacularly
Creating a compelling presence in MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo
How to use bookmarking links to your ultimate advantage
How and why you must exploit RSS feeds
How to ensnare friends and colleagues to your social sites
Why adding a for pays off big time
Why you donít need a camera for how-to video production
Why sharing your photographs around captures visitors
How to use blogs to drive traffic to your core website
How to ensure that your blogs and websites zoom up the rankings
How social media enhances your reputation as an expert

To your success in 2008

Jim Green

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