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Automatic Viral Marketing:Free!
April 09, 2008

I can't believe this. Seriously, I can't.

I heard of "Moving the Free Line", but this is WAY over

the top.

I'm sure you know who Mike Filsaime is. If you don't,

you've obviously been out of town for an extended period

of time.

Mike is the undisputed King of viral marketing and has

been for the past several years. But I believe he just

started his own de-throning!

Rod Beckwith has been around as long as Mike has and

is the genius behind this, and many other sites.

Mike has always understood the power of providing free

high quality information to people. He also understands

the power of branding the reports and allowing others to

give them away for you.

But what he and Rod are doing with his new service, Butterfly

Reports, could contribute to their own undoing.

Check this out - Mike and Rod are giving away (as in for

free) one brand new, brandable report every month that YOU

can brand with your affiliate information. Then you can take

those reports and give them to your list, or use them as in

incentive to gain new subscribers.

These reports are not only high quality, but they are

available for many different niches!

So, in essence, they are creating an army of competition

for themselves!

I don't know about you, but I want in on THIS

action! If you do too, click on this link:

Get in while it's free. Or before Mike and Rod realize what

they're doing and come to their senses.

To Your Success,

Jim Green

P.S. I forgot to mention this too: Along with the free

monthly report, you also get a free high quality ecover

graphic to go with it. How cool is that?

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