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Join Me at Facebook’s Watercolor Workout
July 30, 2008

Join Me at Facebook’s Watercolor Workout

So encouraging was the uptake on my previous invitation I am asking you to come join me and another ever-increasing group of enthusiasts…

Watercolor Workout is your gateway to a massive resource center focusing on all matters relating to watercolor painting.

Could you really paint your first watercolor this coming weekend?

Yes, you could, and my unique digital instruction kit will show you how! You will rapidly discover that watercolor painting is not only enjoyable but highly addictive.

When you’ve completed the first picture to your own personal satisfaction, you will want to crack on and paint several more…

First though, let me tell you a little about why I developed this kit.

By profession I am an established author with a string of bestselling traditionally published books to my bow, and when I’m not writing...

I produce watercolor sketches by the score for pure pleasure – and I would like to assist you to do the same.

My kit will empower you to paint watercolors even if you are a complete beginner; even if you cannot draw a straight line without recourse to a ruler.

Watercolor sketches (or doodles as I call them) are my favorite because they take less time to produce but I even so I still manage to knock out full scale paintings when the mood is on me.

* Watercolor painting is therapeutic * Watercolor painting is relaxing * Watercolor painting is fulfilling * Watercolor painting is fun * Watercolor painting is inexpensive

And drawing on my own experience, I shall be releasing at regular intervals informative snippets on the disparate aspects of painting in watercolors.

Please do accept my invitation to join this group…

Have a look, and if you like what you see, join in at no charge (ever).

If you don’t already have a Facebook account you will require to rectify that first - add me as a friend on Facebook; then join the group…

Jim Green

PS: As my thank-you gift, feel free to download your personal copy of “Watercolor Workbook” including exclusive painting assignments to get you started straightaway.

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