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This isn't going to last long ...
September 11, 2008

I wanted to let you know about this incredible new product that is being sold for pennies.

I didn't say "pennies on the dollar", I really meant pennies!

Gary Ambrose and Keith Wellman finally released the recordings of the private, "Same List, More Profit" workshop, an event I wish I'd have made it to live.

Guess how much it costs?


Guess again?

Sorry, it's not $397, it's not even $97.

Get this: This full workshop, delivered to you on DVD, starts at exactly 5 cents.

Thatís right. One Nickel.

The thing is, you really want to hurry because with every sale, the price goes up. The quicker you take action, the lower the price.

Also once youíre signed up, you automatically gain access to the 100% commissions affiliate program.

Thatís 100% commissions on a physical product on DVD, but that's not all ...

So jump on board now to secure the lowest price possible.


Jim Green

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