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How to Spook the Search Engine Spiders
January 13, 2009

Do You Struggle in Persuading the Spiders to Rank Your Websites on the Front Page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc?

Perhaps itís not just a struggle; perhaps itís also a constant drain on your resources: SEO tools, monthly membership fees for expensive junk thatís in style for a while then slips to the bottom of the pile.

There is a way, a proven way, an inexpensive way to zoom your websites to the top rankings Ė and keep them there!

Spider Spooker Gets You Top Rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSM etc; Rankings That Can Stay on Top for Years!

Spider Spooker comes complete with 5 freshly minted software bonuses to create a b-u-z-z in your 2009 online marketing.

You wonít find this unique intelligence anywhere elseÖ

Itís dynamite, itís legal; itís your to download. Good wishes...

Jim Green

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