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Build Your Own Software Empire In Just Minutes!
October 25, 2009

If you missed out on my previous email, you need to drop everything and just head down to:


As you might know, software is the MOST highly sought after and downloaded product on the entire internet.

So what if you could be a software product owner yourself? Wouldn't that be great?

But the problem is, creating a software product requires lots of programming knowledge. Even if you were to outsource the creation, it will take months of research and a great deal of investment. So that's not feasible for many people.

So here's the good news:

With the "IM Buzz Software" membership, you receive one rebrandable software every month in which you can rebrand with your own banners and text links to promote the products of your choice.

In other words, even if you know nuts about programming, you can well have your own software business up and running in mere minutes!


Here's just a small fraction of what you'll be able to do with your own *viral software*:

==> Rebrand over a dozen different software titles filled with YOUR own banners and text links

==> Profit by selling the software at full market value and earn the full amount.

==> Give the rebranded software, loaded with your website links, away for f.ree as a lead generator and watch your list EXPLODE.

==> Present yourself as a valuable resource to new website visitors and past customers/readers. (and make them your raving fans!)

==> Collect hefty commissions & sales daily when others click on your banners & text links inside the software and purchases.

==> Experience a surge in traffic once your software makes it's way across the Internet... and users of the software see your websites prominently displayed.

And much much more!

This is truly a no-brainer. The most incredible thing is, you can now get in completely F-R-E-E.

So hurry:


To Your Success,

Jim Green

P.S. This will not remain f.ree for long, so if you're looking to increase your traffic and sales on autopilot, go now to:


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