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Sad News :(
March 31, 2010

It's sad, but over 99% of the visitors who come to your website will NEVER buy.

But did you know, there is now a way to turn those people LEAVING your website into NEW targeted traffic!?!

There is a new (and for a limited time, FREE) service that just launched called "Exit Fire" that will actually recycle your old visitors and turn them into NEW visitors to your website!

You can get your free account here:

The coolest part about this software is it is VERY viral, so the more people you tell about the site, the MORE traffic will come back to your site!

There's a free video showing how you can get over 200k visitors PER DAY to your website using this simple system, check it out here:

So go get your account, and turn the people who are leaving your website into NEW traffic!


Jim Green

P.S. - They just announced that they may start charging for this service in the future, so go and get your lifetime account (for FREE) today!

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