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Galvanize Your Creative Writing with Whole-Brained Thinking
August 19, 2010

One morning in early August 2010 I awoke to irrefutable verification that I had entered the first day of my 80th year on this planet.

Despite the relentless march of time I am still writing, painting watercolors, creating and running online businesses.

But above all, writing.

As a right brain dominant person I recall that my far off schooldays were absolute torture; endless boredom and the way classes were taught created frustration as I tried in vain to learn through instruction that was left brain oriented.

The only subjects I excelled in were English and Art (both right brain fodder) and they have been providing me with a living ever since.

If like me you are right-brained by nature but trapped in your left brain by a society that insists you stay there to cope with everyday pressures, then think again.

You could do as I did several decades ago and train yourself to become whole-brained…

How does that work?

In the middle of the left/right-brain continuum lie the whole-brained who can access the strengths of both the left- and right-brained populations.

You can think of whole-brained thinking any number of ways:

• You are riding the line between creative and analytical: between the pop psychology definitions of right-brained and left-brained.

• You are successfully integrating your brain's subcomponents into one powerful processor.

• You are tapping into your inner beauty, your complexity, your life fractal; you're riding the line between chaos and stagnation and loving every moment of it.

Time was already at a premium when I first started writing in earnest sixteen years ago but my freshly acquired skill of whole-brained thinking enabled me to crank out 37 books; all of which were traditionally published and all of which are best sellers in their respective niche.

My 38th title (ISBN 9781845284206) was published in June 2010 and has already entered the best seller lists.

No matter what age you are (or perceive yourself to be) whole-brained thinking will empower you to galvanize your creative writing but do so in such a manner that your work will have a better than evens chance of being published, attaining best seller status, and in the process opening the door to a myriad of residual and incremental earning opportunities.

To your creative writing success...

Jim Green

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