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How To Exploit A $219,249 Glitch...
August 20, 2010

This man has been burned by Google, Yahoo and MSN.


Things were so bad for him, he was out of a job (thanks to the recession) and had bills coming out of his ears.

He actually moved back in with his parents and borrowed cash from them. To pay his bills and try his hand at affiliate marketing.

But then he wasted it on useless get rich quick schemes, rehashed affiliate tactics, Google guides, ClickBank guides and PPV systems.

Look here - this is shocking:


Now, things are remarkably different for him. He's tapping into the 1.8 Billion online traffic bank and just last month he made $219,249.

How is he doing it? Well in many ways it's simple as it takes just 13 clicks and 12 minutes a day.

The difficult thing is finding out how to get the software he's using to tap into a "glitch".

IMPORTANT: This doesn't involve SEO, Google, PPV, Link-Building, Twitter or any of those old-school methods.

In fact it's remarkably NEW and fresh. But it's a bit controversial.

See live video proof on this page before it's taken down:


Jim Green

P.S. On this page you can leave this man a comment and he'll get back to you. He's actually giving away FREE copies of the software he uses. Look at this:


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