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My Master ClickBank Affiliate Revenue Portal Is Up And Running
November 22, 2005

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our subscribers (many of whom have been reading my output since April 2000) but especially on the re-launch of the title to those who have joined us from another list.

It is my avowed intention to serve all of you in respect of every aspect of how-to and self-help promotion: creative writing, affiliate revenue, innovative new produce, etc – and whenever the opportunity arises, valuable free offers to download.

Book signing ceremony

After I click ‘Send’ on this message I shall be heading for the airport whence I am flying out to Stansted and then grabbing a cab to a seminar venue in Essex where I am to be the guest speaker.

I will let you know how I go…

My Master ClickBank Affiliate Revenue Portal Is Up And Running

You may recall in recent issues of this newsletter how I started to dabble in affiliate reselling and met with immediate and albeit unexpected success.

Now I have taken the experiment a quantum leap forward with the launch of a portal website featuring 12,000+ ClickBank products plus a sprinkling of the best of the latest affiliate reselling opportunities.

Window dressing the storefront

I have already tweaked the system so that at will I can do an instant makeover of the 12 featured products.

For a month I shall leave them as they are to monitor returns.

Thereafter I intend to rotate these from a choice of 100 popular alternatives.

Will surfers use the search box in my system’s portal?

I think the answer must be ‘yes’; especially when you consider this endorsement from no less than personage than a ClickBank Vice President,

"This system has serious tools for serious ClickBank affiliates" Jennifer J., Vice President of Client & Customer Services,

How well will my system perform?

I cannot be certain but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be a case of softly-softly, catchee-monkey.

If I am wrong and it suddenly takes off, I will let you know in the next issue…

If you would see for yourself what I am up to with my new portal, you might wish to visit the website.

Jim Green

Click Here to Visit the ClickBank Affiliate Revenue Portal

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