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How to Harness the Amazing Power of Articles at Zero Cost
November 29, 2005

People are forever asking me which software I use to distribute the 1000s of articles I have circulating in cyberspace.

The answer is: none

When I first started out writing articles way back I experimented on a free trial basis with several of automated submission software programs and found them to be unreliable, cumbersome to operate and downright expensive anywhere between $67 and $379 plus the fact that many of the top directories do not take kindly to them.

The truth is you do not need them

All you need is a simple kit that teaches you

1. How to write articles that get published
2. How to set up your own distribution center at no cost

And when you use such a kit you will rapidly discover that

1. Articles do outstrip all other forms of web promotion
2. Articles do constitute the ultimate weapon in viral marketing
3. Articles do exercise an infinite influence in product exposure
4. Articles do create an ever-growing stream of links back to your website
5. Articles do continue to work irrespective of the search engines
6. Articles do build lists of pre-qualified prospects
7. Articles work for any niche opportunity
8. Articles do tap into a goldmine of browsing buyers
9. Articles do attract incremental sales
10. Articles do grow business at zero-cost
11. Articles do have the power to make you famous online

Is there such a simple inexpensive kit available?

You bet!

Jim Green

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