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My New Book Was Inspired By a Master Wordsmith
December 06, 2005

You are probably already aware of Vernon Howard, master metaphysician and master wordsmith; you may even have read some of his books.

The collected works of this great man have been a constant source of motivation for me personally over the past 40 years, and he is the inspiration for my new book Maximizing Mind Power to Enrich Retirement (not due for publication until 2007 because I have two in the queue before it…)

From 1965 until his death in 1992 Vernon Howard wrote many books and conducted classes which reflect a degree of skill and understanding that may be unsurpassed in modern history.

The American journal Human Behavior Magazine said of him, “Vernon is probably the clearest writer in the English language.”

His warmth and refreshing sense of humor made him a delightful subject for interviews, talk shows and articles.

7 Million+ People World Wide Read Vernon Howard Books

Today more than 7 million readers worldwide enjoy his exceptionally clear and inspiring presentations of the great truths of the ages. Libraries, bookstores, health food stores and church bookshops all over the world sell Vernon Howard books, booklets, cassette tapes and videotapes. His material is widely used by doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, clergymen, counselors, educators and people from all walks of life.

He Had Only One Topic - But It Spawned 30 Books

Incredibly, the only topic Vernon Howard ever wrote about was the higher self and the way out of the human problem he discovered was an in-depth appreciation of the vital difference between the two selves of the psyche.

For 25 years before engaging in public instruction Vernon studied every published work on every know mystic, immersed himself in the teachings of every known religion and persuasion, and eventually arrived at a single conviction: without exception they all focused on the higher self and how to access it.

The Moral for Aspiring Authors Everywhere

Find yourself a mentor from ages past; a master wordsmith to guide and inspire you, to lift your writing output several stanzas above the norm.

You will get there even faster if you take the time to study my now famous tutorial for creating niche non-fiction books, one after another, time and time again.

Jim Green

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