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Update: Your Websites in 2006...
December 18, 2005

Please Read Completely.

What would you say if I show you how to get 10 highly lucrative websites that you can claim as your own?

Your chance to instantly own 10 profitable websites in the next 15 minutes flat

Well, that is exactly what you are going to get today.

One of my close online friends, Raam Anand, has put together a terrific opportunity and he is offering not 1 but 10 FULL websites that you can own and profit from, as long as you wish AND keep 100% of all the profits for yourself...

...and you are also going to get all the tools you will ever need to make each one of those websites bring you real mo'ney, FAST.

I will let Raam explain this powerful stuff. But here is a sample of what you are going to get:-

1. 10 'hot-selling' products

2. Private label rights

3. Individual websites for each product

4. Sales Copy

5. Cool graphics

6. Banner ads

7. Advertising copy

8. PPC Campaigns

9. Keywords & Phrases

10. JV Letters

11. Upsell/Cross-sell offers

12. Backend offers

13. Affiliate signup page

14. Articles for promotion

15. Product reviews

16. Shopping cart

17. Quickstart User Manual - etc. etc.

You see, these are not just a bunch of products with resell rights.

You get all the 'selling' tools with each amazing product

You even get 'relevant' bonus products to go along with your new websites.


Oh! I almost forgot. I did not tell you that you are getting a special deal because you are one of my subscribers…

If you want to brighten up your earnings in 2006, go right now and check out the "Pre-Launch" deal I have arranged for you.

P.S. I have to warn you though. The special deal I have arranged is only valid during the pre-launch phase. After the official launch, it will be gone.

Don't say I failed to tell you before.

Success is yours.

Jim Green

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