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The Book That Opened My Eyes To Making Money
January 05, 2006

In the days leading up to Christmas 2005 I finished reading a remarkable (yet unheralded) little book that opened my eyes to what making money is really all about.

And its content is not what you might think.

It contains no highfalutin strategies, no mesmerizing theory, no razzmatazz; just plain common sense in small but effective doses.

I picked up the tome out of interest, not specifically to learn how to make money, but I must confess that even this early its innate wisdom is starting to take root in my mind and I find myself being directed to develop additional streams of incremental income from what I already do to make money.

What this little book did for me was to ask questions that forced me to think outside the box and challenge limiting beliefs; replacing them with new, empowering thought patterns that will help me chase prosperity in directions with which I am already familiar.

The book captivated me from the very start because it is practical, inspiring and motivating.

It makes me realize that making money is not such a hard job at all and it demonstrates that no matter what you are doing or where you are, you can always find ways to make money.

In essence, this little book focuses on developing the correct mindset regarding money.

Okay, so there is no earth-shattering revelation in that premise because we all know that successful wealthy people are those who have a strong wealth psychology to attract more money in their life.

However, go about matters in the wrong way and all you manage to achieve is shooting yourself in the foot and sabotaging your dreams.

I am glad I found this little book, glad I read it, and now I intend to pursue the insights it has provided me on the prospects of enhancing my financial standing.

Let successs be yours in 2006

Jim Green

Discover For Yourself The Little Book That Captured My Imagination

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