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Don't Miss Out On This!
March 11, 2006

Expanding on yesterday's alert, here is the full monty on the first ever LIVE webcast from the World Internet Summit - this weekend.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime-chance to tune into a LIVE broadcast from the *World Internet Summit - Australia '06*.

It's brought to you as a "webcast", so you can tune in with your browser and escape all long-distance charges!

All 12 world-class Internet experts speaking at the Summit will be taking the mic. (Schedule on site.) One after one revealing their own unique twist to the single most important question any startup enterprise needs to ask...

Think of it! Internet Millionaires responding to the single question that could open the floodgates for you:

"How Can I Guarantee My Success On The Internet ...Even If I'm A Beginner?"

You can catch this global crew of marketers at the top of their game; minds crackling with marketing ideas.

PLUS! You'll get an update on the famous "World Internet Challenge"...

"Give me a willing person, Loan me a laptop computer with an Internet Connection, And they'll have a product, a website, and money in the bank before 72 hours is up!...

PLUS a system to make that money over and over again for life!"

You'll get to meet the lucky winner, in their moment of exhilaration!

"Any bets about what we'll do?"

It's an amazing demonstration of what the ordinary person can do on the Internet!...

* Ken Kinnett - socked in a tidy $4,472 in 72 hours!

* Daisy Cabig - prayed to ma~ke $10,000, made $10,622!

* Margaret Berman - didn't even believe it would work and flew past the 72 hour marker with $11,431!

* Then Black youth Anthony Harris from the Bronx stunned the world by pulling in $13,679 in a single weekend!

* Only to be upstaged by Roy Sadler an unemployed poet sleeping in his van in downtown London who soared to $18,090 in his first 72 hours online!

* Only to be upstaged by recovering cancer patientKrissy Wright who after praying and affirming to earn "$25,000" smashed ALL RECORDS to earn an exhilirating $28,430 in her 72 hours!

* Only to be upstaged by Steinar Amundsen, a guy talked into coming by his girlfriend who made an amazing $34,866.99 in 72 hours with his new website...

* Only then comes along a cool, calm, collected, Michael Blair, ex-airline pilot who got excited about earning $31,968 his first 3 days in business!

Don't Miss Out - Grab Your Seat Now...

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