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I Happened Upon A Book That Shattered My Illusions
March 30, 2006

Back in 2000 I wrote a book “Starting an Internet Business at Home” which was published in hard copy format by Kogan Page (ISBN 0749434848).

It is out of print now but in its day it was considered hot stuff and sold over 20,000 copies in bookstores world wide.

At the time I though I knew all there was to know about online marketing but a few days ago I happened across a book by another author that shattered my illusions and exposed how little I really know.

It reveals the astonishing story of how the writer took a single idea and turned it into $37,641.85 in just 24 days.

Moreover, he demonstrates step by step exactly how he did it.

So what did I learn that I didn’t know before?

Manifold gems of wisdom on online marketing, including…

- The building blocks to conducting effective online market research

- How to develop products in obscure but highly popular niche areas

- How to create them seamlessly and inexpensively

- An ingenious and incredibly simple strategy for attracting JV partners

- How to use other people’s websites to jack up overall sales

Oh, and lots of other useful things, but especially how to repeat the author’s format over and over again.


Jim Green

Click Here To Learn More About The Book That Shattered My Illusions

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