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My New Book is in the Top 50 at Amazon
May 04, 2006

How is this for the power of my creative writing course?

Although it does not hit the bookstores until Friday 5 May 2006 my new book "How to Earn Money in Retirement" (How To Books ISBN 1845281128) ranks at No.47 out of 3453 competitive books on - which means it is already selling in big numbers online.

It's all down to the mystery ingredient that creates bestsellers; an ingredient you won't find anywhere else but in my famous niche non-fiction creative writing course.

All my books become bestsellers in rapid fire order - "Starting Your Own Business" for example was first published TEN years ago and still ranks at No.11 on Amazon.

So too will your books become bestsellers when you are in possession of my secret ingredient.

To your writing success...

Jim Green

Access the Mystery Ingredient that Creates Besellers

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