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November 25, 2004

What more convincing evidence of the power of my techniques could there be?

My latest book "Your Retirement Masterplan" is already a bestseller just a few weeks after publication. It ranks at No.23 out of 3132 competing titles on the bestselling list at!

Check it out now and see the evidence for yourself!!

Think about this and you will realize that you are onto a steal...

My private clients incur a $1000 tab for one-to-one personal mentoring on churning out their bestsellers but for a limited period you purchase all of my secrets at one-fifth of their real value. Order this amazing creative writing course today and you’ll also find included my personal 10-page crib sheet to kick start your career as a bestselling author!

Even if you are still hooked on writing fiction you’ll pick up a host of tips and tricks from this dynamic course.

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