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January 10, 2005

It’s an established fact that if you don’t have a grasp on the basics of creative writing, your chances of success in the highly competitive field of online marketing will be severely compromised.

And so, I have just launched a new portal website that combines both…

You will find the URL at the end of this newsletter.

Have a look at the ever-growing range of produce in the twin areas of creative writing and strategic e-commerce - and see if anything takes your fancy.

Talking of which…

The home page features 2 brand new products which if worked in tandem will produce healthy revenues.

The first is one of my own creations…


I’m a plain man who uses plain thinking in devising strategies for making money online.

I do not spend obscene mounts of money attending high ticket web conferences nor do I rush to purchase the latest collection of web casts at outrageous prices.

What I do instead is dissect what the high fliers do; pick the best; discard the rest; and add my own innovations.

In the process I create new dimensions to the standard online marketing techniques everyone else employs - and sometimes with spectacular results.

Search engine optimization for instance…

Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts at developing that great niche idea will be in vain.

Net result: you will lose out and you won’t be making any money online.

Target the right keywords and your website visitor traffic will rocket.

Targeting the correct keywords at the outset resulted in 839 top rankings for the 18 pages of my website within days of being spidered by the major search engines.

Here are six of the keyword pairings and initial rankings obtained on the very first day that listings were published - all of three years ago.

1. Writing for profit – 6 x #1 Spots
2. Writing – 18 x #2 Spots
3. Extra income idea – 6 x #3 Spots
4. Extra income opportunity – 5 x #4 Spots
5. Residual income opportunity – 7 x #5 Spots
6. Residual income stream – 5 x #6 Spots

Now here’s kicker …

Check out this same website right now and you will find that for the first keyword phrase “writing for profit” it still Ranks at No.1 on Google, Yahoo!, Fast, Inkomi, Jeeves, Altavista, AOL, Teoma, All The Web, MSN - three years later…

Attracting pre-conditioned traffic is another example of using plain man thinking…

Over the years I have devised a unique twist to a basic online marketing strategy used by the majority of enlightened Net workers.

I’ve added an innovative dimension that attracts highly targeted, pre-conditioned traffic in droves.

It has nothing to do with search engine positioning, links, newsletters, list building, smart pages, etc, nor have I re-invented the wheel.

It has all to do with original, out-of-the box thinking.

Here’s the final for instance…

A secret strategy you won’t find anywhere else, search as you may.

It empowers me to create and host 1000s of websites for one single very low monthly fee – and rocket my online sales in the process.

I won’t even give you a hint here on how it’s done because it is not for public consumption.

I call my collection of innovations the ’Plain Man’s Guide to Making Money Online’.

It won’t deliver instant riches but it will teach you how to thrive in 05 making money online… and it costs less than a modest night out for two.


I was introduced to the second product by an online friend of many years standing and I could scarcely believe my own eyes when they fell on the price tag.

This is a completely self-contained ready to plug in online business.

Just look at what it offers…

* 75 Hot Products with a retail value of $2500+
* Master Resale Rights
* Plug-In Sales Sites
* Free Lifetime Updates

The price?


You will find both products plus a host of other sizzling creative writing and online marketing tools at my new portal website

Click Here Now And Make Your First Visit

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