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How Cory Rudl Helps Me Sell My Books
April 30, 2005

He doesn’t write books (not that I know of anyway) but millionaire online marketer Cory Rudl now helps me sell mine. Here’s how…

I stumbled across a website recently where he offers a series of videos on creating wealth on the internet. The topic didn’t particularly interest me but the more I read the text the more I began to realise that the techniques he uses might just help me in the online activities I undertake in the promotion of my own hard copy produce.

As he offers the kit on 90 days evaluation I opted for a trial investment and a week or so later 9 DVDs plus a workbook arrived at my home. That represents 17 hours of video instruction in total.

I have now managed to watch all of the DVDs twice through, taken reams of notes, and put several of his recommendations into practice on my myriad of book promotional websites.

The results so far are encouraging…

1. Major search engine rankings for all book sites have improved
2. Amazon rankings have improved
3. Uploads on my articles have escalated
4. Book sales have almost doubled

Now that Cory’s secrets are working on what I always considered the toughest of my online activities (book promotion) I have decided to apply them to my series of sites devoted to how-to, self-help, and software produce.

I am convinced that the results will prove equally heartening.

If you're curious to see video footage of Corey Rudl with a small group of his clients, talking about some of the most advanced profit secrets he's been using to make over $20,821 per day using the internet, this is your last chance...

...Because he's only making these video clips available for a very short time.

These clips reveal a truckload of Corey's most advanced Internet profit secrets -- stuff he knows about making money on the internet that he never thought he'd share with anyone.

I'm talking about secrets like…

- How to guarantee all your email gets delivered (and not accidentally deleted as spam) by setting up "whitelist relationships" with Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL.

- How anyone can turn an idea into a profitable website with almost no up-front cash -- in less than a month.

- How Corey made $2,031,959 last year using just one "forgotten" marketing technique... plus much more!

But please be warned: Corey is only sharing this video footage for an extremely limited time (probably less than a week) to make sure he doesn't “dilute" his most advanced internet profit secrets.

Under no circumstances will he be releasing any further "sample" footage, so please don't ask.

So if you want to see it, I highly recommend you move quickly.

Jim Green

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