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How to Craft a Series of Bestselling Titles from a Single Topic
November 01, 2005

During the past ten years I have authored seventeen traditionally published niche non-fiction books, all of which (save one) have achieved bestselling status in their respective genres.

Here is the thing though; I have used only 2 topics to produce 16 bestsellers.

How do you do that; craft a series of titles from a single topic?

It is a little-known technique that dates back to the dawn of literature and is used by all bestselling authors either consciously or unwittingly.

And when you know the secret, you can also use this technique in writing fiction.

It has a lot in common with what the late great Alfred Hitchcock called the ‘McGuffin’; the singular device he employed in all of his screenplays.

Hitch reckoned that everyone is looking for something whether they are watching a movie or reading a book and when you discover what people are searching for in your particular niche you will be well on your way to writing a successful book in record time.

And when you do it once, you can do it all over again - as many times as you like.

Although considerable mileage still remains in the 2 topics I used to produce 16 bestsellers, I decided eighteen months ago to research a third topic for its McGuffin potential and the result was Your Retirement Masterplan (How To Books ISBN 1857039874) published in October 2004.

This title currently ranks No.7 out of 3328 competitive titles on and is due for a 2nd upgraded edition in February 2006; to be followed by How to Earn Money in Retirement in April of the same year.

But the McGuffin on this third topic is only just starting to bite…

I also have signed contracts for these forthcoming titles:

1. ”Maximising Mindpower to Enrich Your Retirement” – Publication date 2007

2. “Give Your Mind a Daily Workout in Retirement” - Publication date 2008

3. “101 Retirement Holiday Options” - Publication date 2008

4. “101 Projects to Spice Up Your Retirement” - Publication date 2009

5. “101 Online Venues for Stimulating Retirement Interests”- Publication date 2010

6. “Chronicling Your Lifetime Achievements in Retirement” - Publication date 2011

7. “Achieving Your Greatest Successes of Retirement” - Publication date 2011

Have you guessed the secret yet?

There is no end to its power in producing bestsellers and it can be yours if you put your mind to it...

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