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Create Your Very Own Article Submission Center
November 09, 2005

I have just released a brand new product Zero Cost Articles Kit that not only shows you how to write articles that get published but also how to create your very own online article submission center.

What you will learn from the Zero Cost Articles Kit

1. How to research the topic before you write your article

2. How to use keywords and phrases to stimulate interest

3. How to use magnetic verbs to trigger impulse buying

4. How to command the reader's subconscious

5. How to use subheads to catch quick readers

6. How to create mental movies in the prospect's mind

7. How to educate, inform, and motivate the reader

8. How to address the WIIFM questions on everyone's lips

9. How to think like the people you want to influence

10. Why simple words and short sentences work best

11. How to develop the power of speaking with authority

12. How to avoid over-egging the clichés

13. How to paint word pictures that drive visitors in hoards to your website

14. How to craft articles that zing like bullets shot from a bell

You will also learn how to set up your very own Article Submission Center

It is simple, easy, free to create, and you will have the top 130 hubs at your disposal to submit your articles free of charge, time after time, from your very own personally generated submission center.

You could of course opt for one of the high-cost alternative products – ranging in price from $167 to $379 but you may find it leaves you short on information on how to effectively write your articles and you end up doing rather more than you bargained for at the outset.

Or you could choose the Zero Cost Articles Kit for only $37

Visit the Website and Decide for Yourself

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