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Another Website I Really Want You To Visit
November 11, 2005

Hard on the heels of breaking my duck in affiliate revenue, here is another website I really want you to see.

This site has been slowly, quietly, deliberately changing the way affiliates make money online.

It has been seizing control away from the hype that is pitched by the phoney gurus.

The site is called The Affiliate Classroom and it is exactly what it says it is; a real classroom in the old-fashioned sense.

When you enter The Affiliate Classroom you are in a different kind of marketing site; a place to meet fellow students and expert instructors where you can learn, share, network, and grow a real affiliate business.

The Affiliate Classroom is a place where you can discover just how wide, and varied, and exciting affiliate marketing can be; where you can learn to do it the right way in the ever-changing marketplace of today.

It is also a true learning center; step-by-step virtual training that literally walks you through the most tested, proven, high-return affiliate business model.

If you just follow this model, you will literally be taken by the hand and learn everything the most powerful affiliates do to make handsome revenues automatically.

Best of all, The Affiliate Classroom is a safe, helpful, friendly, downright generous community.

People honestly try to help each other - while engaging in some occasional friendly competition.

See you there…

Jim Green

You Owe it to Yourself to Meet and Get to Know The Affiliate Classroom

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