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Marketing Your Books Can Be Fun And Profit Making
November 16, 2005

Back again with three pieces of information that are all in the good news category.


Marketing your writing output can be fun, exciting, creative and profitable.

It can also prove very frustrating and expensive if you do not know how to evaluate cost effective methods of viral marketing - offline and online.

Over the years people have come to know me for my ability to develop low cost and no cost strategies for marketing and promoting a business, product or service; strategies that have realized handsome returns over the years.

Here is a recent example of what I mean

Just as I was checking the proofs for my next book How to Earn Money in Retirement I received a telephone call from a leading London PR consultancy inviting me to address 500 newly-retired couples at a seminar to be held in Essex, England, on Thursday 24 November; all potential customers of their client the world wide builder Bryant Homes.

The invitation came my way because the first book in this series Your Retirement Masterplan is a runaway bestseller (No.2 on out of 3157 competitive titles) and also because one of the partners in the consultancy chanced to hear me speak in a recent BBC radio interview.

So what do I get out of this unique marketing opportunity?

1. The client buys 500 copies of Your Retirement Masterplan

2. I earn 10 percent in royalties from this bulk book purchase

3. I get to sign 500 copies individually

4. I get the opportunity to pass around my business cards

5. I get to address the retirees in a 20-minute talk on the third age adventure

6. I get the opportunity to promote my next book

7. I get 500 potential new customers for my future books

8. I get an all-expenses paid trip to the venue

9. I get a substantial appearance fee

10. I get exposure from local television covering the seminar

This is the quintessence of viral marketing and not only does it cost me nothing, I also make a profit out of the deal.

Put on your thinking cap and come up with examples of similar ways you could market your produce for free and make money at the same time


The last few weeks have been taken up with preparing for the launch of my latest online venture.

You may recall in a recent email how I started to dabble in affiliate reselling and met with immediate and albeit unexpected success.

Now I am taking the experiment a quantum leap forward with the launch of a portal website featuring 12,000+ ClickBank products plus a sprinkling of the best of the latest affiliate reselling opportunities.

I will send you another email when the site is up and running and you can see for yourself what I am up to.


The next edition of this newsletter will be under a new banner:

How To Products Excel

I am doing this because the range of my overall activities now far exceeds creative writing per se - as it also does for the majority of the newsletter subscribers (now exceeding 3000).

But I will not be neglecting the subject of writing and will continue to provide you with tips, tools, and techniques to help you in your quest to become a successful published author.

Thanks for reading this message.

Jim Green

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