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Writing for Profit, Summer Special Issue, Where to look for your next project
July 04, 2004


Please accept my apologies for the inordinate length of time it has taken to produce this latest edition of the Writing for Profit Newsletter but I’ve been busy, busy, busy…

The proofs for my next book (see below) have just been signed off and I’m making a start on the sequel – and on that subject - see what I have to say in the first article about digging deep when you’re stuck for a topic.

If you’d like to add something yourself by way of feedback for inclusion in a future edition please do contact me.


1. Where to look for your next project
2. Developing your own distinctive writing style
3. Greatest copywriting secrets uncovered
4. Brand new eBook - free to you


When my first book Starting Your Own Business was published way back in 1995, I thought that was it. I reckoned I’d never write another one. But I was wrong. It has enjoyed many reprints, multiple editions, and proceeded over the years to generate another seven disparate titles from the same topic.

Towards the end of last year I completed the first draft manuscript for a commemorative fourth edition marking a decade in print. This has been accepted by the publisher and is due on world wide bookshelves in the autumn of 2005. The content has been updated, several topical new chapters have been added, and all in all it should start the ball rolling all over again by attracting a new breed of readers.

With that project out of the way, I was stumped where to look for the next.

I dug deep within myself and asked what else do I know about? I know how to start, manage and expand small businesses; I know about advising anyone on how to run an internet business from home, shop or office; I know how to instruct others on the subject of writing for profit, but what else do I know?

Then it dawned on me…

I also know how to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling retirement.

And so I embarked on my new task, researched the topic, completed the text, submitted a proposal, and as a result Your Retirement Masterplan (ISBN 1857039874) is due to published in October 2004.

But I didn’t let the matter rest there. I set about drafting a fresh proposal for a sequel Your Retirement Cash Plan. It too has been accepted for publication in the second quarter of 2005.

Advance sales for the first of these new titles are already at a record level but more significantly, both books contain the mystery ingredient that leads to longevity and multiple editions. To discover what the secret is you need to read Chapter 3 of my Writing for Profit tutorial. You won't find it anywhere else.

The Moral…

Dig deep within yourself. You know much more than you think you know.

Oh, oh, I’ve just thought of another title I could work on sometime…

I’ll let you know what it is in my next newsletter...


Who says you can’t develop your own distinctive writing style?

It’s easy.

You just look your reader straight in the virtual eye, speak your piece, and let it all hang out.

The erudite little narrative below has it all: drama, passion, empathy, sympathy, and oodles of information.

It is copied verbatim from a tattered old letter I discovered among the effects of a lately deceased uncle. He served in World War 2 and must have carried this extraordinary missive around on his person for over 60 years. I reckon a quick shufti now and then banished the blues.

The terse, tired looking communiqué is dated 12 May 1943 and it reads as follows…

dear son

your father has died in the last week and it was raining at the funeral and aunty maggy had her hand up the vicars cassock to keep his feet dry but his chilblains got worse and we’re holding a prayer meeting for them tonite. hope you are all rite up the front and this reaches you as it leaves me

and oblige

your mother and widow

Eat your heart out John Grisham…


Have I got news for you…

I’ve just negotiated a joint venture deal with world famous copywriter Dan Lok for his audio collection of the greatest material ever recorded on the subject of information marketing.

Just imagine, a dozen of the world's top information marketers revealing for the first time exactly how they became bestselling authors and millionaire info publishers - and how you can become one too - faster and easier than they did!

And you know the best part?

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You subscribed to this ezine to hear news about breakthrough new tools, helpful tips, marketing insights, and whatever else I feel will help you have what you desire in your quest for success as a writer.

Well, here it is Publishing for Maximum Profits. It's your crash course for making money with info products. It goes far beyond whatever you have studied, read, or heard before on the subject of commercial copywriting.

Go for it.

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'eBook Authors Interviewed’ by accomplished fellow writer and good friend Dick Dupon.

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