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Writing for Profit, Special Anouncement, Do you have a Clickbank ID?
August 07, 2004


Do you have a website – and a Clickbank ID?

If so, here’s an important announcement that could earn you a great deal of money…

I am delighted to let you in on a secret about a new marketing system that allows you to use your unique CB ID to create multiple streams of income that just go on and on…

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Imagine this...

Your Clickbank ID on thousands of pages all over the world 100% absolutely free and making you BOATLOADS OF MONEY!

Sound Interesting?

All I can say is this... you won't believe the power of what Armand Morin has come up with. The program is called CBClicks and it's going to be big...

The program is completely FREE at the moment and you can sign up RIGHT NOW!

Here's the link:

Over the next few days, thousands will be signing up and you can benefit from this HUGE INTERNET BUZZ!

Go to the website and see exactly how this will benefit you - it's really amazing.

To Your Success!

Jim Green

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