Developing Multiple Residual Income Streams

Here is how to set up your residual income stream of opportunities.

Start out by realizing that your earning potential needn’t stop with royalties, rights and translations etc, because your increasing reputation as a published author presents you with the prospect of participation in other remunerative residual income streams. For example:

Public Speaking
Writing Articles
Book Reviewing

Chapter 13 of Writing for Profit in Your Spare Time reveals the secret to effortless participation but before you start thinking in terms of revving up your residual income stream by writing for profit, always remember that your treatment of a chosen topic must deliver the following:

Provide you with an extra income idea to make money writing.
Be capable of converting the idea into an extra income opportunity.
Progress this opportunity into other ways to make extra income.
Create a residual income stream to earn extra income at home.
Culminate in ever-perpetuating residual income.

Here are 4 ways to expedite the learning curve - and when you've gleaned what you need to know you can sell on the products and make money.

You need Writing for Profit in Your Spare Time to become proficient in all of this from the outset. It will show you how to:

- Pinpoint your residual income opportunity
- Convert it into a residual income stream

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Residual Income Streams Tutorial - Get The Facts!