How I Cracked The ClickBank Code And Saved Myself $2401!

As I was putting the finishing touches to the final text for my latest niche non-fiction book “Developing Online Money Makers” (to be published by Prentice Hall in October 2005) I was struck by an idea on how to develop a new product of my own based on a discovery I made several years ago.

This discovery has helped me enormously in selling my ever-growing range of creative writing courses and it occurred to me that it might also be of value to other writers endeavouring to sell their output online.

Read on and see what you think…

ClickBank offers a magnificent service.

I’ve always used it as my prime payment processor.

It’s fast, efficient, and above all, universally accepted.

However, if you promote a multitude of digital products it has one much-heralded drawback.


1. You are required to fork out another $49 every time you introduce a new creation on a disparate location or…

2. You are required to host all of your merchandise on one website.

Not any more; at least certainly not for me.

You see, I have discovered a safe and legitimate method of selling all of my ever-growing produce using ClickBank on a single fee of $49.

o It’s as easy as pie to implement
o It does not require expertise in HTML
o It does not involve installing a tricky code
o It does not deal in troublesome ‘trapdoors’ to make it work

Currently I have 50 info and software products selling through ClickBank (the maximum allowable on a single fee).

If I were to pay $49 per product for the privilege of using the service I would be out of pocket to the tune of $2450.

But I’m not…

Using my secret system I sell them all on a single fee of $49. That’s a saving of $2401!

In effect, my system empowers me to sell multiple produce from multiple websites on one ClickBank $49 fee.

If you opt to host all of your produce on a single site to conserve ClickBank processing costs you also choose to deny yourself the power of individual keyword phrasing to attract the search engine spiders - and in consequence - turn your back on reams of targeted visitors to your individual offers.

It simply does not work because you cannot be all things to all people in the world of online marketing; especially so when you have a host of separate order links on one page.

Using my secret system I don’t suffer the effects of the ClickBank Drawback.

Each of my products has its own focused website with its own specific order link.

And in total they are all housed in a separate portal site which is not designed to accept orders but to direct targeted prospects to precise solutions.

And all of this on a single fee…

My secret system for cracking the ClickBank code can be accessed at this website