Why Project Researches Are Every Writer’s Stock-in-Trade

You should never ever dispose of your research material.

Why shouldn’t you do that?

Quite simply because you never know when it might come in handy; the questions to which you found answers for your first project will return again and again in different guises when you set about researching on new book concepts.

Never dispose of any research material; store it away securely for future reference.

You may have to do some updating but even so, the task won’t be nearly so difficult with a benchmark to start from.

Easier said then done though when your research material is all over the place in your computer...

This came home to me like a sore thumb when I set about researching on a new book project just recently.

I knew I had all the material I needed somewhere but as I had switched computers several times in the interim, much of it was still lurking in storage sticks.

Wouldn't it be great I thought if there was a piece of software that eradicated vexatious researching.

I looked but I couldn't find such a virtual panacea - so I created my own...

My new software is simple to operate, stores everything in one place, and prompts me with calls to action.

What it does in essence:

• Displays vital data on formatting options
• Stores statistics on previous surveys I have undertaken
• Reminds me to check whether my topic is as hot as I think it is
• Prompts me how to double-check on bestselling potential in my work
• Does likewise on the longevity factor
• Lays out the essentials for preparing an acceptable proposal for fiction; • Does likewise for non-fiction topics
• Triggers my attention to fine toothcomb checks on publishing contracts
• Gives me a rundown on the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a literary agent
• Cautions me on the pitfalls of self publishing without due diligence
• Provides me with a failsafe strategy for online book selling

This clever little tool does more besides...

Check it out and get a free PDF taster while you’re there.