When Two of Your Books Rank No.2 on Amazon You're Doing Something Right

Not one but two of my books rank at No.2 on the Amazon.com bestselling lists. To achieve a Top 10 spot once is admirable but when two books rank at No.2 concurrently you know you're doing something right.

Starting an Internet Business at Home
Kogan Page ISBN 0-7494-3484-8 is currently ranking No.2 out of 31,956 competing titles at Amazon.com under keywords ˜starting an internet business". It was first published in 2001 and is still selling like hotcakes.

Starting Your Own Business
How-To-Books ISBN 1-85703-859-2) is concurrently ranking No.2 out of 915 competing titles at Amazon.co.uk under keywords ˜starting a business". First published in 1994, it has been around the block many times: eight reprints, currently in its third revised edition and rapidly heading towards a fourth.

It's no fluke that both of these well established books rank in the Top 10 at the same time. It is in fact proof positive that the strategies contained in the Writing for Profit tutorial constitute that catalyst that creates great extra income ideas, galvanizes writing for profit endeavors, and transforms them into residual income streams.


There's more to an author's name than you might think and the clout enjoyed from its achieving top rankings in the major search engines is awesome. One evening recently I typed my name into the Google.com box and up came 3,500,000 entries under ˜Jim Green". Ranking at No.8 was ˜Starting Your Own Business" and a little further on at No.38, ˜Starting an Internet Business at Home".

Further investigation provided evidence of additional top rankings in the other major SEs for my name coupled with (A) ˜Starting Your Own Business" and (B) ˜Starting an Internet Business at Home.

Yahoo! 3,200,000 listings - (A) Ranks #14; (B) Ranks #23

Web Search 2,200,000 listings - (A) Ranks #13; (B) Ranks #37

Teoma 1,713,000 listings - (B) Ranks #17

Jeeves 1,713,000 listings - (A) Ranks #11; (B) Ranks #11

AltaVista 1,210,678 listings - (B) Ranks #37

MSN 1,410,492 listings - (A) Ranks #14; (B) Ranks #21

About.com 1,339,712 listings - (A) Ranks #14; (B) Ranks #14

BBCi 1,340,149 listings (B) Ranks #11

Hotbot 1,413,299 listings - (A) Ranks #11; (B) Ranks #11

Lycos 38,226 listings - (A) Ranks #6; (B) Ranks #6

All The Web 37,303 listings - (A) Ranks #7; (B) Ranks #7

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