Create Residual Income Streams
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No matter how inexperienced you may consider yourself to be, you can create residual income streams writing for profit in your spare time. My Creative Writing Course will show you how to earn extra income at home, how to identify your extra income idea and how to develop it into an extra income opportunity that results in self-perpetuating residual income streams.

Why anyone can create niche non-fiction and build residual income streams
How to effortlessly determine the extent of your propensity to make money writing
Why part-time writing works best for some authors as an extra income opportunity
How to implant the essential writing for profit disciplines
Why it's easier to be accepted by non-fiction publishing houses
Cultivating innate intuition to generate a flood of extra income ideas
The little-known secret to injecting longevity into writing for profit
How to author several disparate books from a single topic
The timeless enigma that attracts readers to works of non-fiction
Why self-help books & how-to guides are always in demand
Researching the first project to ensure you are on track to make money writing
Why you should never dispose of research material
Planning ahead for fulfilment and delivery in writing for profit
How good authoring resources help generate residual income streams
Developing your own slant on prescribed topics to make money writing
Devising a definitive title for your book
Structuring the contents to motivate readers and create residual income streams
The amazing power of words in writing for profit
20 questions before you start the creative process for your extra income idea
Composing a spellbinding preface to activate residual income streams
Creating chapter headings, subheads and sub-subheads
Using subheads to catch quick readers
Visualising energy with action verbs stimulates residual income streams
Letting every line introduce its own story creates other ways to make extra income
The WIIFM question and why you must address it
How testimonials power up interest in writing for profit
How to top and tail your book and why you must do this right
What the prospect reads first after the title
How to impress commissioning editors with your extra income idea
How to prepare a proposal for acceptance
What to ensure before you sign a contract
Negotiating an advance where none is on offer
Where to find 1000s of non-fiction publishers online
How to test market your writing for profit book on the Internet
Selling successfully through online outlets to supplement residual income streams
How to grade online publishing options
How one part-time author produced an online bestseller
How the royalty system works to produce residual income streams
PLR and how to make sure you profit from it
How to attract multiple streams of incremental income
The anatomy of a bestselling niche non-fiction book

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