“Wouldn't It Be Amazing If There Was A Creative Writing Course That Empowered You To Create Your Own Bestselling Books?"

There Is One! This Amazing Creative Writing Course Discloses All My Secrets To Churning Out Bestsellers. You Can Do It Even If You've Never Written Anything Before In Your Life!

Have you ever wondered why certain writers are able to churn out seemingly endless streams of published bestsellers while thousands upon thousands of others suffer an endless stream of rejection slips?

Sure, you can get lucky first time out, once in a blue moon.

I did - and you’ll discover how in my unique creative writing course. But that was a long shot and little more than freaky because I didn’t know then what I know now…

Writers who consistently cut the mustard do so because they have a masterful formula, a plan, a winning strategy for topic selection, composition, proposal submission, acceptance, publication and promotion.

Now you can have such a masterful formula, an exclusive master plan that enables me to produce an ever-growing string of bestselling niche non-fiction titles; titles that vend in big numbers at bookstores world wide and online at Amazon.com. Titles like… ’Starting Your Own Business’ - How To Books ISBN 1857038592. First published in 1994 and now in its 3rd Revised & Updated 2004 Edition.10 Years in Print and Still Ranking at No.1 out of 882 competitive titles at Amazon.co.uk

‘Starting an Internet Business at Home’ - Kogan Page ISBN 0749434848. 2001. Ranking at No. 2 out of 31,956 competitive titles at Amazon.com

‘Selling to the Public Sector’ - How To Books ISBN 1857035879. 2000. Currently out of print as text is updated for new edition in line with revised Government guidelines. Ranked at No.1 out of 57 competitive titles at Amazon.co.uk

‘Your Retirement Masterplan’ - How To Books ISBN 1857039874. October 2004. Just published and already ranking at No.23 out of 3132 competitive titles at Amazon.co.uk

Would you like instant answers to the vexing questions that perpetually plague all writers aspiring to bestseller status in the realms of niche non-fiction?

How to master the mental blocks that constantly hinder you from breaking through to bestseller status

How to implant the essential disciplines that convert beginners into winners

How to utilize the little known power-laden secret that catapults your work into the bestseller lists

How to inject your own personality into the text, captivate commissioning editors, and have them climbing over each other to publish your book

How to choose a proven niche topic to start you off on the road that leads to fame and fortune

How to conduct in-depth research the easy way to ensure your success before you commit a single word to paper

How to manage your time efficiently and speed the process of attaining bestseller status in an orderly, predetermined approach that matches your ability with your output

How to structure the list of contents strategically and pre-sell your book before the publisher gets around to reading a single line of the text

How to capitalize on the amazing power of words and create niche non-fiction that impels self-help and how-to publishers to bid for your work

How to top and tail your books correctly and why you must always do this to feature regularly in the bestseller lists

How to locate 1000s of niche non-fiction publishers online and how to choose the one that matches your particular topic

How to set up your own dedicated website seamlessly and why you should do this immediately following publication

How to sell through online outlets and how to grade the publishing options at your immediate disposal

How to assess your incredible overall earning potential as a bestselling author

How to dissect bestselling niche non-fictions books and galvanize your own capability in the process

How to separate yourself from the rest of the pack and continue to churn out bestsellers over and over again, time after time

Would you like to attract incremental income on tap from these avenues of residual profit open only to bestselling authors?

1. Public speaking engagements
2. Television and radio interviews
3. Book reviewing
4. Magazine article contributions
5. Foreign translations of your work
6. Book club sales
7. Public Lending Right (PLR); you get paid every time some borrows your book from a public lending library
8. Fees under licence (when another publisher reproduces your work)
9. Broadcasting rights
10. Audio tape and disc rights.

“In a Nutshell: Crisp and Sweet…”

My amazing creative writing course is a clinical analysis of the system I use to create my own bestselling titles. Use the165-page fact packed system to produce your first bestseller and it could generate multiple editions earning you residual royalties for years to come: 5, 10, 20, years and beyond!

Then use it again to churn out your second bestseller, then another, and another, again and again, time after time…

You will discover that there are no random events in the road to successful publication; everything is pre-planned; everything progresses in logical pre-ordained sequence.

‘Secrets To Churning Out Bestsellers’ includes a comprehensive resources directory to help expedite your quest to create bestsellers and the writing course itself downloads in a convenient PDF file which can be read on any computer, anywhere in the world. The format is ideal for reference, allowing you to switch back and forth from one topic to another using the special built-in tools.

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