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The internet abounds in creative writing courses; some good, some indifferent, some downright risky in that they are stitched together from a series of disparate tutorials.

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Have you ever wondered why certain writers churn out streams of published bestsellers while thousands upon thousands of others suffer an endless stream of rejection slips? Sure, you can get lucky (as I did first time out) but that’s a long shot and little more than freaky. Writers who consistently cut the mustard do so because they have a masterful writing formula, a plan, a winning plan for topic selection, composition, publication and promotion.

Now you can have such a plan, a master plan, and for a fraction of its true worth.

In Writing for Profit you will learn…

Why anyone can succeed using my secret strategies

How to effortlessly determine the extent of your own propensity

Why part-time writing works best for some authors

How to implant the essential disciplines to make money writing

Why it's easier to be accepted by non-fiction publishing houses

How to cultivate innate intuition to generate a constant flood of ideas

The little-known secret to injecting longevity exclusively disclosed

How to author several disparate books from a single topic

"For years I contemplated writing a book on fly fishing; my hobby, my area of passionate expertise. I'd never tackled anything like this before and I just could not get started until I downloaded your tutorial and then everything clicked into place. Your creative writing course makes it all so easy and now I know how to develop my residual income opportunity and exactly where to position my hooks to make money writing!"

Perhaps on the other hand you have been activating your innate skills for years and all you have to show for it is a mounting pile of rejection slips. Perhaps too you have been focusing your energies on fiction, the most notoriously difficult of genres to break into as a writer aspiring to achieve the thrilling recognition that leads to publication. Could it be you have now decided that the only way you'll ever see your work in print is to become a self-publisher? You wouldn't be the first – but resist the temptation however strong.

My creative writing course provides you with a superior alternative.

We are concerned here with another genre, a genre that permits self-expression under predetermined guidelines designed to give you a better than evens chance of publication without the necessity of paying for the privilege, providing always you follow the dictates of my creative writing course and that your work and its presentation are painstakingly and professionally executed.

The timeless enigma that attracts readers to works of non-fiction

Why self-help books & how-to guides are always in demand

How to research the first project to ensure you are on track

Why you should never dispose of your research material

Planning ahead for fulfillment and delivery in writing for profit

Why good authoring resources are essential

Developing your own slant on prescribed topics

How to devise a definitive title for your book

Structuring the contents to motivate readers

The amazing power of words revealed in my creative writing course

"I started to write short stories some years ago but didn't manage to get any of them published. Now I'm picking up the threads again concentrating on a niche non-fiction project, the history of my home city - and I've managed to locate two mainstream publishers willing to accept a proposal for publication on my extra income opportunity. Mapping out the elements was a breeze with your creative writing course. Thanks Jim!"

Banish Production Worries with My Creative Writing Course

When you are in possession of the Writing for Profit creative writing course you need never be fazed by the production process: composing compelling text to captivate readers, configuring it for the distinctive self-help and how-to formatting styles, injecting it with the secret ingredient that impresses commissioning editors, preparing a professional proposal for publication, locating suitable publishing houses online, test marketing your produce prior to placement, what to look out for in contracts, and how to negotiate an advance. My amazing creative writing course will guide you seamlessly, step by step, through every aspect of the journey that leads to acceptance, publication, and the prospect of multiple editions for your work.

20 questions before you start the creative process

Composing a spellbinding writing-for-profit preface

Creating chapter headings subheads and sub-subheads

Using subheads to catch quick readers

Visualizing energy with action verbs

Letting every line introduce its own story

The WIIFM question and why you must address it

How testimonials power up interest in writing for profit

How to top and tail your book and why you must do this correctly

What the prospect reads first after the title

How to impress commissioning editors

How to prepare a proposal for acceptance

What to ensure before you sign a contract

Negotiating an advance where none is on offer

Where to find 1000s of non-fiction publishers online

How to test market your writing for profit book on the internet

"I have been contacted by an editor of a country style magazine. She wants an article on the area I live in South Africa. I did not know how to even begin and had offered to submit something on the life/lifestyle in Guinea (absolutely non-existent and 3rd world of the worst kind imaginable). She was not interested, yet with your superb creative writing course at my command I feel motivated to work on the SA article and hope to convince her also on the piece on West Africa. Thank you very much"!"

Have Fun Expediting Your Book Sales with Personal Promotion

When you are up and running and your book is in print or virtually formatted as you prefer - your work is far from over if you are to achieve bestseller status. Now you must add your own promotional efforts to those of the publishing house, you must acquaint yourself with how the royalty system works to provide you with residual earnings, how the public lending right adds even more revenue, how to attract further streams of incremental income – and what constitutes a successful niche non-fiction book – so that you can go on to create another one, and another…

Selling successfully through online outlets disclosed in detail

How to grade online publishing options

How one part-time author produced an online bestseller

How the royalty system works to produce residual earnings

PLR and how to make sure you profit from it

How to attract multiple streams of incremental income

The anatomy of a bestselling niche non-fiction book

"I got a lot out of your creative writing course ˜Writing for Profit'. It has helped me greatly."
Leigh Hale

If $370 was the price of the Writing for Profit tutorial I wouldn’t be over-charging because its power-laden contents are derived exclusively from the secrets of my own success as a bestselling author in the realms of niche non-fiction.

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Writing for Profit downloads in a convenient PDF file which can be read on any computer, anywhere in the world. The format is ideal for reference, allowing you to switch back and forth from one topic to another using the special built-in tools.


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Are there any secrets that would enable you to separate yourself from the competition and win virtually every time you step into any arena of life (writing your book and having it published for example)? There is a secret that not one in 1000 knows about - and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.

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You may think you have a great idea for a book but how can you determine whether or not it will sell? This exclusive PDF report leads you step by step through the process of using a simple survey form to compile a list of targeted prospects.


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Jim Green
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Writing for Profit

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