Realizing the Potential of Your
Extra Income Ideas

Realizing the Potential of Your Extra Income Ideas

Achieving publication for your extra income ideas is removed from the improbable dream category and becomes instead a calculated certainty when you follow the strategies contained in my Writing for Profit tutorial. That’s the beauty of niche non-fiction: it lends itself to formula writing techniques where commercial nuances are seamlessly interwoven into practical expression without disturbing the flow of the creative dynamic. You do it all the time without perhaps realizing it; you do it automatically when you compose a letter, a thesis, a report and such like. Why not then convert your innate skills into a vehicle to make money writing by developing extra income ideas that become in time residual income streams.

As reported elsewhere on this web site I did not set out to write a niche non-fiction bestseller: it just happened fortuitously because subconsciously I had somehow managed to string all the essential ingredients together in the correct order in my first work. You won’t have to trust to luck though. Intrigued by the runaway success of the initial title and the two that followed in the break-though to bestseller status I set about deconstructing each in turn to determine what I had done right and where I had gone astray on occasion. The results not only provided me with benchmarks for revising future editions but also made available the raw material for my creative writing course Writing for Profit. Combining my own findings with those of other successful non-fiction authors provides you in turn with a series of tried and tested strategies to ensure flawless progression of your own extra income ideas into residual income streams.

And residuals are what writing for profit is all about. Starting Your Own Business first saw the light of day back in 1994, doubles in turnover every year, and (according to my publisher) should still be around in another ten years time. Starting an Internet Business at Home falls into much the category in that sales consistently increase year on year. Both of these titles have something in common: they were designed to last because they are both injected with the essential ingredient to guarantee multiple editions and consequently, bestseller status: longevity

You will learn in : Writing for Profit how to inject your own work with longevity and how that will galvanize commissioning editors into offering you a contract for publication. To provide you with an example of the power of this little-known ingredient: I have written 50 full length works of niche non-fiction of which 37 have been accepted and published.

You’d settle for two out of three as a batting average wouldn’t you?

Footnote: Do not leave your rejections to gather dust in a desk drawer. Put them to work. I downsized the 13 that failed to cut the mustard into mini-volumes and 7 of these went on to be accepted and published as Thrifty Books titles…

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