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Here’s a flavor of what to expect in forthcoming issues:


>Finding an extra income idea to get you started on writing for profit
Turning your idea into a residual income opportunity
Converting the opportunity into a residual income stream
How to recognize the potential in an extra income opportunity
How to develop other ways to earn extra income at home
Planning ahead to earn residual income
How part time authors make money writing
How one embryo author (who bought my creative writing course) had had his proposal for publication accepted instantly
Injecting creativity into your writing
Mastering the authoring process
Style and usage
Fat-free writing
Mastering plain language
Word power
Writing bookshelf

The bottom line is though:

I can teach you all of this stuff but it will merely contribute partially in your quest to make money writing. You won’t know how to do it effectively until you are in possession of my tutorial Writing for Profit in Your Spare Time. Stringing it all together with tried and tested strategies is what will make it happen for you, the only thing that will make it happen for you in your quest to earn residual income, and you can only get that by purchasing the tutorial.

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