Attracting Residual Income World Wide

Attracting residual income world wide: can you really reach out to world markets and sell your writing-for-profit output online? You bet you can but you will need your own fully functional web site to be successful; a web site just like the site you are currently visiting.

The good news is you can have one.

Can you imagine a set of electronic tools that gives you all of this?

Domain name registration
Graphic tools
Point &Click page building
Blogging facility
Data transfer
Newsletter publishing facility
Brainstorming &researching
Spam check
Open rate
Traffic stats & click analysis
Search engine optimization
Automatic search engine submission
Automatic search engine tracking
Automatic search engine ranking
Pay-per-click research & mass-bidding
4 traffic headquarters
Action guide & fast track guide
Integrated online help
Solo Build It express ezine
Tips & techniques
Customer support
Choice of page templates
Form builder/Autoresponder
Value Exchange
Facility for selling e-goods
2-tier affiliate program
Charge for services facility

Prepare to be knocked out at what awaits you…

However (back to reality) before you start on building a web site to sell online you must be certain that your project delivers the following:

Provides you with an extra income idea to make money writing.
Is capable of converting the idea into an extra income opportunity.
Progresses this opportunity into other ways to make extra income.
Creates in turn a residual income stream to earn extra income at home.
Culminates in ever-perpetuating residual income.

To achieve all of this you will need my creative writing course Writing for Profit in Your Spare Time together with the regular updates you will receive when you sign up for my free newsletter.

Residual Income Tutorial - Get The Facts!